Photo proofs are not edited and will be color corrected, properly cropped, and overall cleaned up once purchased in High-Res. If there are any special edit requests, please send us an e-mail from my Contact Page. Screenshots or reposting proofs is considered THEFT.

Once an order has been placed, please allow 12-24 hours for the order to be processed. Once the photos have been ordered, you will receive an email with a link to download. All printed items are final once the order has been processed.
401 Penny for Your Thoughts402 OK Boomer403 Moose Tracks404 Hidden Silver405 Doug406 Walter White407 Lovely408 My Lady Bue409 Enchanted Rmance410 Cornets Diamond411 Kermit412 Janna413 Blueberry414 Vintage PR416 Ringo Starr417 Agent Cody Banks418 Alley-OOP419 Everything But the Bagel420 Sig Camvall421 Dara CBF422 Indiana Jones423 Cancara424 Blanche CGF425 Mr Taximan426 Making Magic427 Under Pressure428 Ghost Rider429 The Only Tigger430 Viareggio431 Two Many G'S432 Fenix433 Marley Poppins434 Zaguayo435 River Blackwater436 Welcome Aboard437 A Classic Vintage438 The Artful Dodger439 Chico440441_Candids and Dogs