Hi, I'm Annie.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my photography website.  I am a 24 year old photographer located in San Pedro California.  Finding the right photographer to capture your special memories can be challenging but I'm here to make that process a lot easier.  No matter what memories your looking at to get captured (Equestrian, Family, Portraits, Graduation, or Lifestyle) I've got you covered! My goal is to deliver photos that you will be proud to display and treasure forever.  You just show up with a smile and let me take care of capturing those moments for you to love forever! 





As you browse through my portfolio, I figured I would share a bit more about myself.  


364810245_264285053041576_8363677901444526994_n364810245_264285053041576_8363677901444526994_n 364800818_289017267086820_4957030709953090970_n364800818_289017267086820_4957030709953090970_n 321925991_877370683618011_7541564405555349419_n321925991_877370683618011_7541564405555349419_n I am an animal lover and sunset obsessed.  As a child, learning did not come easy for me, I am more of visual learner which at the time, was not how school was taught. Struggling in school also lead to struggling to find a hobby that I enjoyed. When I found horses, things started to improve. As my passion for riding and horses continued to grow, I started falling in love with taking photos of them. I didn’t care how I was able to take photos, from camera phones to small hand-held cameras. I started experimenting with different angles and how best to capture their movement and bond between horse and rider.


When I am not behind the camera, you can find me at the beach, working at my other part-time job "the YMCA" as a child-care teacher, and spoiling my thoroughbred mare Gracie. She came into my life in the last 2 years, and it’s been such a pleasure to build a partnership with her.  


This journey so far has taught me that if you find that one thing you love to do and practice at it, you can really make your dreams come true.  From my experience, I also hope to inspire others who struggled to learn, to find their passion and show that when you set your mind to something,
anything is possible!


Please contact me directly for any questions or information on how you can be best prepared for your photo session.  

~Love and Whinnies